Conscious Entrepreneurship: May I introduce Ramita Anand

Ramita decided she was going to be a teacher after travelling to India and helped out in an orphanage teaching English to young folks. But becoming an entrepreneur within education came after more than 15 years of being in classrooms and one on one teaching to realise we needed to do more to invest in soft skills raising our youth to be equipped with the right tools that will allow them to lead remarkable lives.

CAUSE — What are the causes close to your heart, and you are supporting right now?

CONSCIOUS ENTREPRENEURSHIP — What meaning do you give this term?

Conscious Entrepreneurship: May I introduce Teri Dreher

After 30 years as a critical care nurse, Teri Dreher grew fed up with the healthcare system. She watched in dismay as profits were prioritized over patients, resulting in poor care, medical errors and soaring hospital readmissions.

She was particularly disturbed by the way senior orphans — elderly people without family support — fell through cracks in the system.

Things came to a head when her father-in-law fell critically ill on a family trip to Belize. Despite a life-threatening blood clot, the hospital moved to release him. …

Conscious Entrepreneurship: May I introduce Erin Ruby

Erin Ruby, CID, IIDA, is the founder of her namesake Harlem-based multidisciplinary design firm — Erin Ruby Design. Her studio specializes in the development of branded, commercial interiors, strategy, and product design, offering a human-centered and holistic approach to their work. She embraces a philosophy deeply grounded in the context of the human experience within a space.

In addition to helping her firm expand its client and project portfolio, Erin also serves as the President of IIDA NY (International Interior Design Association’s New York Chapter). Through her leadership with IIDA NY, she advocates for systems level change to advance racial…

Conscious Entrepreneurship: May I introduce Suzanne Sachs

Suzanne worked at Sony Music in NYC as a Director of Licensing for eleven years but always had an entrepreneurial spirit and a plan to lead to her own company. Her husband is a wholesale diamond and antique dealer. When they became engaged in 2004, Stuart mentioned starting an online antique engagement ring website, a move he saw as critical to staying relevant in the field. His NYC office kept him busy though, and so it happened. Suzanne recognized this was the ideal time to launch her own business. …

Conscious Entrepreneurship: May I introduce Kate Schnetzer

After receiving her Masters in Business and Health Administration (while pregnant!), Kate opened a brick and mortar early parenting center in St. Louis, MO. She was bootstrapping the business and had no marketing budget, so she began creating helpful parenting tips videos for social media with an old camera she owned.

She quickly found that the videos she was creating not only helped local families, but also drove people to become customers of her business. Hundreds of videos later, she found a deep love for video marketing and started helping other entrepreneurs in her community who were struggling. What had…

Conscious Entrepreneurship: May I introduce the Wonder Girls Founders

Co-Founders Natalie Maniscalco and Irene Zervoudis founded Wonder Girls, a non-profit and after-school program dedicated to empowering our future female leaders. Wonder Girls is an after-school program and series of annual events for female high school students with a mission to build confidence, leadership, and the necessary business skills no matter what career or educational career path they may choose. They believe that every Wonder Girl deserves the opportunity to thrive as leaders of their own lives despite economic, social, or educational challenges. They also provide college scholarships to seniors who complete the program.

Natalie Maniscalco is a publicist and…

Conscious Entrepreneurship: May I introduce Lindsay Lockhart

Lindsay Lockhart, Chief of Staff and Co-founder of Neocova, is an industry thought-leader and brand expert with extensive experience working with global corporations to create and refine business-to-business and business-to-consumer digital marketing and content analytics.

After earning her degree in Journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia, Lindsay began her career at Moosylvania Marketing. She went on to refine her content marketing and brand strategy skills at Pan Galactic Digital, Mio and Paradowski Creative before becoming COO of Hatch, a B2B and B2C market research firm providing qualitative and quantitative insights and analytics.

Armed with a solid foundation in marketing, Lindsay…

Conscious Entrepreneurship: May I introduce John Edelson

John Edelson has a long history in Silicon Valley and London with various cutting edge technology companies working in computer graphics and entertainment, primarily in video games and computer animation for films. A long-time advocate of education, Edelson saw a need for more engaging software in the ed tech industry. He discovered a passion for creating a better homeschooling curriculum and delivering it to families with wrap-around services.

Edelson then founded Time4Learning, an online homeschooling platform that provides a high-quality, effective online learning curriculum for students as well as time-saving tools and useful resources for parents. The comprehensive platform combines…

Conscious Entrepreneurship: May I Introduce “Entrepreneur Philosopher” Sid Mohasseb

Sid Mohasseb believes in our individual ability to shape our destiny. He believes that there are always infinite opportunities ahead of us, regardless of our origins and limitations. He considers entrepreneurship a talent that we all possess. A talent that is stimulated as we acknowledge our capabilities and pursue our love of wisdom — our Personal Entrepreneurial Philosophy (PEP).

At 7 he learned to be self-sufficient by treating his genetic blood disorder. At 14, published his first book of poetry. At 16 migrated to US without his family. At 21, Sid started and exited his first company. At 25, he…

Conscious Entrepreneurship: Why It Makes All The Difference

Conscious entrepreneurship amplifies impact — on ourselves by choosing purpose and leading with values, and on others by implementing empowering, ethical business practices.

Change starts with us, and it needs to start NOW. Let us step into our power and start acting for the greater good.

I want to highlight my three C’s — challenge, commitment, consistency — which I use as my guiding principle in my advocacy on conscious entrepreneurship.


The world is awake. Thanks to technology, we now have access to the global stage where we can share our voice and be heard, and to listen to and…

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