Social Impact Leaders — Interview w/ Andy Tian of Asia Innovations Group

Social Impact Leaders — Interview w/ Andy Tian of Asia Innovations Group

Social Impact — What meaning do you personally associate with this term?

For me, it’s about looking in the mirror and asking myself how I’m contributing to society: am I building a society that’s more compassionate, more connected, and more authentic? Staying true to those values is a key part of social impact and it’s why AIG does our best to support the local people through emergency relief, partnering with nonprofits, and creating job opportunities. Our live social products have made it possible for many people whose livelihoods were shut down during the pandemic to earn a living from home with just a mobile phone. Through our platforms, anyone can be a part of the creator economy, and that’s one of the ways I ensure my company and I are impacting the world for the better.

Social Responsibility — What is your best practice to integrate it into your daily life?

I make sure that social responsibility isn’t something that I simply do as an individual, but also something I implement at a corporate level. I designed a CSR program for AIG that not only actively helps our local communities in times of need, but also empowers employees to take action in their lives.

Conscious Living — Why is it important to live our life consciously? And how do our actions influence and affect each other, and therefore connect us?

Part of social responsibility is awareness; we can’t take action until we’re aware of what needs exist. So part of my work is to make sure local needs are amplified through AIG’s global live social platforms. Through our products, people around the world can stay informed and integrate social responsibility into their lives as well.

A lot of our lives can be spent in bubbles, interacting only with people from the same backgrounds and cultures as us. I think it’s crucial that we interact with wider global communities and learn to recognize the common humanity we all share. Through tools like real-time voice translation, AIG’s platforms help people recognize their interconnectedness and see how their actions impact others.

The Future — What is your personal outlook on the future?

The pandemic has been isolating and challenging for many people around the world, but it has also demonstrated people’s creativity and resilience and opened new avenues of connection online. I believe the future will give us even more opportunities to connect with others and be inspired by people around the globe. AIG’s products make it possible to connect across cultures and languages, and this will be key to helping alleviate this challenge for people around the world.


Demee Koch about the MEDIUM interview series on Social Impact:



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