Conscious Entrepreneurship: May I introduce Mirjam Grupp

With Wearable Poetry, Berlin author Mirjam Grupp designs embroidery and print add-ons for existing garments of various brands. Her creations turn deadstock clothing into self-care to wear. Her work focusses around the question: what does it take to be in love? While seeing love as a way of being rather than its romantic aspect. In 2021, her first book about the transformational power of almost love stories will be released. As Mira Roth, she writes screenplays for German TV.

CONSCIOUS ENTREPRENEURSHIP — What meaning do you give this term?

It transfers from the way I (aim to) live: to carefully consider my choices, make choices that are good for all people involved: the customer, the producers, the people I work with — and myself. A holistically happy supply chain makes a good product and serves the customer. This is also true for the writing process.

CAREER — What led you to your particular career path?

My childhood pleasures. Reading, writing, clothes. It took some years and an excursion into real estate until I said YES to what I wanted. I studied screewriting and became a screenwriter. What I really wanted was to write a book, or: to live and to write about it. That’s what I do now. Wearable Poetry was born, because I love to create things that I can touch. I also love fashion and am passionate about everything that helps to love ourselves more. Wearable Poetry brings these three things together — while helping brands to upcyle their deadstock garments.

MENTORS — We all need a little help along the journey. Who has been an invaluable mentor for you? Can you share a story about how they made an impact?

I read a lot of self development and business books. These people have been mentors to me. What I find especially however is if someone in my close circle has a quality or does something that I want, too. Being close to them, I feel that their traits are possible for me, too. And sometimes this happens instantly.

TO THRIVE — When you see yourself thriving: Do you see yourself opening up opportunities for others along the way to participate in your success, and how?

I always share what I learn, sometimes while I am learning. I write non-fiction so this principle is inherent. It brings me joy. What also makes me happy is to connect people who can help each other. Seeing a connection prospering is very beautiful und gratifying.

ADVICE — What kind of advice would you like to give to an aspiring entrepreneur who feels limited due to their background or lack of resources?

Know what you want. With “you” I mean the heart rather than the head. Start. Put something out there that aims into this direction. Something will happen. Then take the next step. Continue like this and refine along the way.

DRIVE — Do you sometimes feel bad for “wanting more out of life”, and if so, why? What is your personal motivation that leads you through the hardships of entrepreneurship?

No. Or precisely: not any more. It costs a lot of energy to feel bad for what I want. It also takes a lot of courage to say YES to what I want. And it takes time to make the shift. My motivation? I see entrepreneurship or writing a book (which in the case of non-fiction is building an author business) as a vehicle to become more of the woman that I truly am: one with courage, self-respect, a wild sparkle in her eyes, joy in her heart, fire in her body and freedom in her mind. One that can tell her kids with confidence: life is f* amazing.

CHALLENGES — Entrepreneurship is very challenging. We each have our own coping mechanism. Mine is humor. What is yours?

Dancing and nature and cuddles.

INSPIRATION — Is there an entrepreneurial book or podcast that inspires you that you would like to share with our readers?

Plenty. Today I feel like picking this author: Ryan Holiday — all of his books, about Marketing and about Stoicism. Calm and considerate. I also like his dailystoic on Instagram.


Reach out to Mirjam Grupp on Instagram.

Read a free sneak-preview of Mirjam’s upcoming book An Almost Love Story.

Demee Koch about the MEDIUM interview series on CONSCIOUS ENTREPRENEURSHIP:

Conscious entrepreneurship for me is about building a sustainable business that values and respects the resources used and makes an effort of giving back to society.

I believe we need entrepreneurs to really get involved in the causes close to their heart.

This is why I reach out to entrepreneurs that aim for more than generating profit. With this interview, I aim to share entrepreneurial purpose-led passion to inspire others.

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