Conscious Entrepreneurship: May I introduce Chris Parke

Conscious Entrepreneurship: May I introduce Chris Parke

CONSCIOUS ENTREPRENEURSHIP — What meaning do you give this term?

Having a clear sense of your business and your individual purpose. For us “Building inclusive organisations where business and talent thrive”. Having a very clear sense of the way you want to approach business — ethics, values and the associated behaviours is also fundamental as a leader and entrepreneur. Otherwise you can’t take people with you on the journey!

TO THRIVE — When you see yourself thriving: Do you see yourself opening up opportunities for others along the way to participate in your success, and how?

A fundamental part of being a successful Entrepreneur is building a successful team around you to execute your vision. You have to be vested in others success if you want them to thrive.

CAUSE — What are the causes close to your heart, and you are supporting right now? Can you share a story how you got involved? How did it make you feel?

Talking Talent’s purpose means that we genuinely feel like we are leaving the world of work in a better place. The most progressive, inclusive organisations have a very different culture and ethos. They create healthier, balanced, workplaces where collective and individual wellbeing can be profoundly impacted. Individuals feel like they can bring their best. They also tend to be far better connected to the communities, customers and clients that they work within and for. So we feel that our work amplifies the social impact of the organisations we partner with externally as well as internally.

THE FUTURE — How do you see the face of entrepreneurship in 5 years? How do companies /brands need to adapt to secure their place in the future?

If you haven’t got clarity of purpose you will be dead in the water. Given the speed of change you will also need to be even better at hiring the best talent and delegating key strategic objectives.

ADVICE — What kind of advice would you like to give to an aspiring entrepreneur who feels limited due to their background or lack of resources?

Surround yourself with other entrepreneurs at different as well as similar stages of their companies evolution. We all share very similar challenges, hopes and fears regardless of sector! There is something very powerful in having a community to draw down on when you are confronted by a challenge. Don’t let the fear of failure paralyse your dreams! There is no straight line, you will always get stuff wrong, its about learning fast and listening to others to help you avoid making the same mistakes twice. and making more good decisions than bad ones. The last thing I would say is trust your gut instincts. The worse decisions I have made its because I didn’t trust my instincts more, particularly on people or partnerships.


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Demee Koch about the MEDIUM interview series on CONSCIOUS ENTREPRENEURSHIP:

Conscious entrepreneurship for me is about building a sustainable business that values and respects the resources used and makes an effort of giving back to society.

Serial entrepreneur & Board Advisor. Advocate on conscious entrepreneurship. Introducing purpose-driven founders here on Medium.

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