Conscious Beauty And Beautiful Minds: Interview w/ Alison Angold

Conscious Beauty And Beautiful Minds: Interview w/ Alison Angold

Alison Angold is a fully qualified beauty therapist and aromatherapist, from London, England, with over 25 years’ experience in the beauty industry. She has worked with many clients over the years using her skills and knowledge about the skin, to treat and improve various skin conditions, through product recommendations, facial techniques and most importantly using her knowledge of the skin and body systems to treat the skin from the inside too. Alison has worked in many beauty salons, spas, and directly with skincare companies, and has also run her own successful beauty and skincare business. Alison, now also teaches beauty therapy, skincare and massage to others.

My mum was never into beauty or skincare, so I didn’t really have that passed down to me and because of this, admittedly, I was probably quite late to the ‘beauty routine party’, as it wasn’t something that particularly interested me until a bit later on. Obviously beauty routines have always been around, but there was much less focus on beauty, when I was a teenager, than there is now. So my first introduction to a beauty routine was in my late teens and it was self taught through reading magazines, and specifically reading about beauty therapy itself. I remember reading a magazine article written by a beauty therapist and how within this career, you would learn about the skin and the body and how to treat various skin conditions by specifically looking at the skins structure. It was this that peaked my interest and from here, I started to look more at ‘beauty routines’, what they meant, how and why they were implemented, and it was the facial and skincare element of my initial beauty training that interested me the most. I discovered I loved the skin, and this was the moment that decided my future career.

To be able to look beneath the skin’s surface at what is happening inside us. To be aware of how the skin works, and being conscious of what certain products will do, how and why they will work and whether they are worth considering for our particular skin. Conscious beauty to me, means having the knowledge to make correct choices for our skin and body — not just being ‘sold’ a product or routine, because it is the latest ‘must have’ or because a particular celebrity uses it.

The packaging is something that I certainly look at now — is it something that can be recycled? Actually, most of the products I currently use, are in glass bottle or jars, and glass can be endlessly recycled. I also hate waste — even where beauty products, skincare and make-up are concerned. And again, this is where knowledge comes in — if we have the knowledge and are aware of what is going to work for us, the products we buy, should suit us and not be a wasted purchase.

When I am able to go make-up free and still feel that I look good! When hormones are balanced within the skin or there is an increase in oestrogen in the body, then my skin glows. Hormone fluctuations reflect so much on the skin, that one day my skin can look dull and aged and the next, it shines! As a mid-life woman my hormones are continuously changing, but there are a few days a month that I feel truly beautiful, when my skin glows without make-up — and actually looks better this way! Skincare products can definitely help the skin glow, but hormones certainly play their part.
Oh, and a bit of self tan, always makes my skin look better, so I certainly feel more beautiful, when I wear self tan!

Not particularly. As I have always known how my skin works, I have always treated it with ingredients that will have a positive effect, so I have always been preparing my skin for its next stage in life. The changes I have made, is to look into the companies that I use a bit more. What is their ethos, are their products and packaging sustainable, are the ingredients good quality? The other addition I have made is to use more essential oils in my skincare. As an aromatherapist, I have always used essential oils for many different issues, and now include these oils in my skincare. Essential oils are able to be absorbed by the skin, so they get to work lower down — this helps to increase hydration in the skin, encourage cell renewal or treat particular skin issues, such as acne or sensitivity — plus they smell amazing!

I want people to be conscious of their own skin, and to be aware of how their skin works. Everyone’s skin is made up of the same things, but how it works for each individual is different. I would like people to understand this, and be individual. Be different. Embrace your own look, your own beauty. Don’t strive for perfect skin at all costs. Knowledge and confidence is key. Once you learn about yourself, work with what you have, and beauty comes automatically and naturally.

I have to say myself — and I don’t mean this is an arrogant way! I have spent too much time in my life, comparing myself to others — in more ways than just beauty — when really what I should have done is concentrate on myself, and work with what I have. My knowledge and experience in the beauty industry has allowed me a window into many different beauty routines, products and skincare companies which has been amazing. But I now take this knowledge and apply it to myself. I am never going to be stunning, or classically beautiful, but I know now that’s ok. While I love looking at celebrity images and envying their skin, you have to ask yourself, how much is make-up and airbrushed, and what they really look like without make-up!

Get to know your skin. Have a skin consultation with a professional — not just someone trying to sell you their products — so you know what your skin type is. This is the basis for your skincare routine. But remember, that while your skin type does not change, your skin condition can — so be prepared for changes in your skin, due to age, hormone levels, climate, time of year etc….So, be prepared to adjust your beauty routine as and when needed. I like layering products to get maximum hydration, rather than just using a thick cream on the surface of the skin. And get to know and love essential oils. These are a great addition to any skincare routine, and there are essential oils to treat every single skin type and condition and really get to the root of any skin problem.

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Hello! I am a serial entrepreneur with more than 2 decades of experience in the health & beauty industry. This interview series is intended to create awareness about the movement of Conscious Beauty.

We are in a beautiful time of Conscious Beauty — you may have heard of this term, but what does Conscious Beauty mean, and why does it matter?

For us, beauty is a way to love — it is about self-care, art, nutrition, exercise, life, self-love. I invite you to become part of a movement that re-defines beauty. Let’s empower beautiful minds.

Thank you for being the change. I’m looking forward to learn from you. Reach out to me via LinkedIn.
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