Beauty And Mental Health — Interview w/ Jason Shiers, Psychotherapist & Transformative Coach

Beauty And Mental Health — Interview w/ Jason Shiers, Psychotherapist

What is the role of beauty in life?

Taking care of the physical body we have been given in life. Attraction, recreation, it is part of the big picture, not all of it.

What are common misconceptions about beauty today?

That somehow, someway changing the outside, changes the inside, this is the futile search that is endless for many.

How does a child perceive beauty?

Through the eyes of their conditioned thinking based on the exposure from their parents, the world, people around them and anything influential.

How can beauty/self-care practices empower mental health? Please give an example.

It is nice to look nice to take care of your physical appearance there is nothing wrong with it, but you just know when the line is crossed when it becomes a need, a necessity. They are 2 different uses of the same process. Looking good, feeling good is great, going to the gym for exercise is good for your mind, but feeling guilty and beating yourself when you dont go is part of the misunderstanding.

How can beauty standards affect mental health?

When people are not aware they are being conditioned, then they are going to follow trends and popular standards, the major problem here is, people do not know who they are, and they are doing their best to fit into something where it is impossible to fit in, fitting in, comes from within not from the outside.

What is a healthy way to approach beauty?

To understand who you are, and to express yourself however you want beyond societal constructs with no regard for standards and peer pressure.

What are trends in beauty that you find healthy, which are trends that are unhealthy?

Healthy and unhealthy are concepts, there are varying understandings of each but to be clear there is no right answer here. Everything in moderation and with careful consideration is ok, and can be abused without the right reflection.

What needs to change to create a healthier image of beauty?

Change only happens one way, from the inside out.

What do you wish people knew about beauty?

That their beauty is within them.

Is there anything you would like to share that we have not asked you here?

Happy to share anything about my own personal battle with weight, surgeries and outer looks and the 100s of people I have worked with in this area.


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