Conscious Beauty interview w/ Rohan Widdison, CEO of New Laboratories

Whilst originally destined for a career in the disciplines of political science, criminology and law, Rohan Widdison’s path ultimately followed that of his family, initiated with thanks to his mother and running of a successful beauty college in Melbourne. Rohan recalls these early beginnings — ‘Her business was growing and she needed back-office help. I started helping out with it and immersed myself into learning about the industry so I could really help her business. I found I really enjoyed the space.’

The CEO attributes his work ethic to his mother, stating ‘If I didn’t have a very strong focused…

Conscious Beauty And Beautiful Minds: Interview w/ Catherine Gore

Catherine Gore has been the President of Biossance, an Amyris brand, since July 2018, though she’s been entrenched in the beauty industry for many years. She’s held significant roles at some of the beauty industry’s most influential companies where she created and nurtured numerous groundbreaking brands. Prior to joining Amyris, she was the Global General Manager for the Kendo portfolio of beauty brands within LVMH, including Marc Jacobs Beauty, Kat von D, Disney, and Ole Henriksen Skincare. Catherine built Marc Jacobs Beauty from concept to development and then launched the brand in over 22 countries. Prior to Kendo, Catherine was…

Conscious Beauty And Beautiful Minds: Interview w/ Jill Turnbull

Jill Turnbull began her beauty career immediately after high school — starting out as a part-time assistant, which then evolved into a four year apprenticeship. For the next four decades, she worked hard and got to live out her dream as a professional hairstylist and makeup artist, working with leading publications and professional athletes such as The Washington Ballet, all while still working independently as a hairstylist.

It wasn’t until 2019 when Jill decided to develop her own line of beauty products. The idea came to her after working on a Vogue Italia editorial shoot with David Attenborough and Prince…

Conscious Beauty And Beautiful Minds: Interview w/ Samantha Goldberg

TV personality and lifestyle expert Samantha Goldberg’s backstory is within her family background and being introduced to “Conscious” beauty at a young age. Her family and extended have been into homeopathy and herbology for over 40 years. Samantha also has a background in cosmetology since 1986, which allowed for her to understand the makeup of whole body awareness. Working in the field of professional beauty and fashion brought her to a larger platform of being on the red carpet interviewing celebrities during fashion week, awards and etc…Now Samantha is known as an expert in her field worldwide not only with…

Conscious Beauty And Beautiful Minds: Interview w/ Cheryl Fork of FORK & MELON

Cheryl Fork is the founder of FORK & MELON, an elevated, non-toxic line of hand & body care made with watermelon seed oil. Leading up to the brand’s inception, challenges with fertility and pregnancy loss led her to start cleaning up the products she was using on herself and in her home.

She had been a beauty/skincare enthusiast since as long as she could remember, and though there were many wonderful non-toxic beauty brands available, she wasn’t able to find some of the everyday products that were 1) made with clean ingredients 2) effective and enjoyable to use 3) looked…

Conscious Entrepreneurship: May I introduce Sharon Bolt of Get Free Publicity Today

Sharon Bolt is known as the mindset media expert. She helps coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs to get ongoing publicity, so they get in front of thousands or even millions of their dream clients, as the go-to authority in their niche. She also focuses on helping them change their limiting beliefs, sabotaging behaviours and negative expectations, so that they attract the best media opportunities, feel confident and reach their full potential.

Sharon has been a business owner and Entrepreneur for over 20 years. Her businesses have included Complementary Therapies, Dog Training and PR, and during the last 14 years she has…

Conscious Beauty And Beautiful Minds: Interview w/ Lynn Power of MASAMI

Lynn Power spent her 30 year career in the advertising industry and has worked on a ton of iconic beauty brands — L’Oreal, Clinique, Nexxus, Vichy just to name a few. She found herself gravitating back to beauty accounts over the years and has been a member of CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women) for at least a decade. When Lynn got the opportunity to partner with James Hammett to launch MASAMI, clean premium haircare, she jumped at the chance.

What was the first beauty routine you adopted as a child or teenager? Which emotions do you connect with this memory?

As a teen, it was all about the blue eyeliner and a bad perm. I cringe thinking about that look. I was…

Conscious Beauty And Beautiful Minds: Interview w/ Katie Brindle

Katie Brindle is a practitioner of Chinese medicine. Chinese wisdom considers beauty to be the exterior manifestation of interior health. The way you look is a clear reflection of your overall health, as well as your emotional and spiritual state. A healthy shen, or spirit, produces sparkling eyes. Shiny hair is a sign of strong kidney Qi, full lips indicate a healthy spleen Qi and clear white eyes show that our liver is happy and well.

The very reason we prize beauty is because it reflects health and wellbeing.

Katie has distilled her deep knowledge of Chinese medicine into 3…

Conscious Beauty And Beautiful Minds: Interview w/ Nicola Elliott of NEOM Organics

Nicola Elliott was a journalist for 8 years, working between London, LA and NY. She loved her job, but fast living (working and partying) took its toll and she started suffering from awful anxiety and panic attacks. It was caused pure and simply but burning the candle at both ends and not looking after herself, she says today. Nicola decided a bit of a life overhaul was needed and — getting the basics in order first, taking time in fresh air, exercising, meditation, and she also trained as a nutritionist and an aromatherapist.

During those early days of playing with…

Conscious Beauty And Beautiful Minds: Interview w/ Felipe Vasconcelos

Felipe Vasconcelos started his journey as an image consultant at the Fashion Institute of Technology, one of the world’s top five fashion schools. There, he got to learn about helping people with their appearance, behavior, and communication. His work was all about supporting clients towards finding the best versions of themselves. As his knowledge and base grew, he started acquiring and scaling businesses. After working with various startups, small and medium enterprises, he realized the power of experience and passion. The image consulting background combined with his MBA and love for business paved the way for a natural, flowing immersion…

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